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Partnership of Czech and Chinese companies often brings difficulties. Nevertheless, it is always possible to find a solution, it always pays to bring human kindness and humour into business and professional relations. It is necessary to respect the partners, their classical means, including dining, personal visits and small gifts. It is important to endeavour to know each other, and to find a common language and common positions, if possible. 

Professionalism – professional preparedness, internal responsibility towards partner’s interests
Accountability – entrusted tasks are fulfilled with verifications and emphasis on effectiveness
Confidentiality – information perceived by us or by the partner as sensitive will not be disclosed to third persons
Communication openness - we listen to our partners so as to know their needs. We create harmony to provide the best proposals and to help to achieve success.

It is a long way from an idea to implementation. And this is still more relevant in case of the Chinese market. Our vision is to build up long-term relations with our partners, to understand their interest and to ensure subsequent general support in a longer time horizon.

We will always belong among top providers of language and lecturer’s services on the Czech market.


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